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Installing the DnnC DnnFoundation Skin


** Always backup you site before installing new modules or skins! **

First download the stall zip of the DnnFoundation Skin found here. Once you have done this, right click on the zip file then choose 'Properties'. In the properties window click 'Unblock'

  • Login to your Dnn site as 'Host'
  • Navigate to Host > Extensions
  • Click the 'Install Extension Wizard'
  • Choose the install zip of the DnnFoundation skin then follow the wizard instructions

Once the wizard has finish the skin will be install in the following folders of your Dnn install:



To set the skin to a portal navigate to Admin > Site settings, click the 'Basic settings' tab then scroll down to 'Appearance'

Set the 'Site skin' to Host: DnnFoundation

Set the 'Site Container' to Host : DnnFoundation and a contianer within. 

Here is also a video tutorial on the DnnSoftware site that will help you found here.

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