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Customizing the color of the DnnC DnnFoundation Skin

In the folder of the DnnFoundation Skin you will see a file called : 'skin.css', this is where you can set the color scheme of the skin.

At the moment there are 21 different color schemes available:

  • _default.css
  • _custom.css
  • foundation_blue.css
  • foundation_green.css
  • foundation_grey.css
  • foundation_red.css
  • hard_red.css
  • hard_green.css
  • hard_blue.css
  • hard_yellow.css
  • hard_orange.css
  • lightblue.css
  • lightpurple.css
  • lightgreen.css
  • lightbrown.css
  • darkblue.css
  • green.css
  • red.css
  • pink.css
  • olive.css
  • grey.css
  • coffee.css

The 'default' scheme is first set. If you would like to use another color scheme just rem out all the other style lines with a '/*' at the start and a '*/' t the end.

Using a custom color

To use a custom color which matches your company use the 'custom' css file, rem out the rest apart from the custom.css link.

From an editor navigate to the skin folder for DnnFoundation then the ‘themes’ folder, open the '_custom.css' file. Replace all instances of '#008CBA' with your desired color value ( '#ffcc00' for example).

Once you have done this save the file then refresh and you should see the new color scheme that you want.

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