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Project Description
A Dnn responsive Skin that uses Foundation as the responsive framework. This is a skeleton and is highly customisable. It also comes with 21 predefined colors!

The DnnC DnnFoundation Skin

This skin was created to let people see that there are more (and sometimes better) responsive frameworks other that Bootstrap.

This skin uses the ZURB Foundation framework and is a skeleton setup that can be used for production sites.

Live sites - Make sure you tell us if you are using the DnnFoundation skin on your Dnn site and we'll place a link to it here! Click here to tell us!


  • Fully responsive
  • Uses the ‘Mobile First’ methodology
  • Semantic for quick learning
  • Easy to customize your content panes by editing them in 1 file and not the skin itself
  • Easy to customize your social media links via 1 file.
  • Easy to customize the color scheme of the skin to match your company/website colors
  • Comes with 21 color themes
  • Clean design displays your information clearly
  • Based on a clean, easy to use and learn responsive framework (Foundation)
  • An alternative to Bootstrap



Additional information about The ZURB Foundation Responsize framework can be found here.

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